Winterize your car.

Before you start your drive, clear the snow and ice from the windows, hood, headlights, brakelights, and roof. Keep your vehicle clean to help you be more visible to surrounding vehicles. Vehicle maintenance is always important, but is critical in extreme weather.
All of the following systems must be in good working order:

  • Ignition System
  • Fuel System
  • Belts
  • Hoses
  • Fluids
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust System
  • Wiper Blades and Operation
  • Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Heater and Defroster
  • Cooling System
  • Tires
  • Battery
  • Lights and Emergency Flashing Lights

Check the oil level if necessary (replace with the winter grade oil). Keep the fuel tank full—do not let it get below half before filling it up. Add gasoline antifreeze if necessary.