Drive Test Appointment

This service is ideal for those Student License Program students who are ready to take their State of California DMV Driver’s Test, but who need a dependable, easy-to-drive vehicle in which to take to their driving test. It’s also the best way for students who desire or require that little bit of “extra help” and support from our certified professional driving instructors. Our experienced instructors know how to help you deal with “first time testing” anxiety, and their familiarity with DMV protocols, procedures, regulations, and staff members gives you the confidence and ability to successfully pass both your written and in-car test successfully.
Our team is your team, and to help you succeed, we will:

  • Schedule your DMV drive test appointment at your convenience, and on the day most advantageous to your success.
  • Provide you with a full 30 minutes of driving test review and in-car “practice” with your personal certified instructor on the day of the test.
  • During this review, you’ll be reminded of all those driving techniques that the DMV testing agent will be looking for during your driving test.
  • Give you the use of our certified instructor’s easy-to-drive car (including insurance and registration documents) for your test.
  • This includes free pick up, transportation to the DMV test, and drop off back home. (Requires 3-5 week advance scheduling.)

Because we want you to succeed and become a confident, safe driver, we recommend at minimum of one 2-hour Professional Driving Lesson prior to booking a Drive Test Appointment. This will ensure your complete preparation and help you pass the DMV drive test the first time you take it.
Just contact us today at (510) 62-DRIVE or submit your request for information at Contact Us and help you become a legally licensed driver the smart way.